In 2018 America, everybody you don’t like is ‘extremist’

It has become a totem of liberal faith in the Trump era that America is crawling with secret brigades of far-right extremists who are ready at a moment’s notice to emerge from their mothers’ basements to commit murder and mayhem. Rancid social media posts and individual acts of horror are imagined to constitute an underground Nazi army.

The evidence for this viewpoint can be charitably termed thin. Certainly, far-right extremists and even terrorists are out there, but they’re nothing new, and a plausible case can be made that America’s problem with the violent kook-right is less grave now than it was a generation ago, when bona fide neo-Nazis were on the murderous loose.

This is off-message, however, and bien-pensants eagerly take any far-right activity as proof of a security threat at the level of roughly the Islamic State. Hence, we get mainstream media pontifications about the alleged deadliness of white males, who are portrayed as a greater threat to public safety than jihadists. That no actual terrorism experts think this is irrelevant, while serious academic studies revealing the true state of domestic terrorism in the West are ignored by the media.

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