The Spy Brief: Dead Drop, 2 April 2018


Here are some recent intelligence and security stories that you might have missed but which are informative and sometimes fun. Enjoy!

Using your official French diplomatic car to smuggle weapons to HAMAS – yeah, that’s not a good visual right there

Austria’s new right-wing government is mired in a very messy spy scandal that’s become a political bombshell

New Delhi accuses Pakistani-backed terrorists Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) of attacking a joint group of Indian Army + cops in Jammu and Kashmir – and by “LeT” we mean ISI

ROK National Intelligence Service reports that Pyongyang is “strongly committed to denuclearization”….cool story, Seoul bro

No big, but Germany’s FI agency (BND) now says “with certainty” that DPRK missiles can  reach Central Europe

Tumblr admits that it, too, was exploited by the Kremlin and its “fake news” in 2016 – no way, we never noticed

Is the Russian military using a new EW weapon to take out Ukrainian drones? Seems important…

The case of Ukraine’s hero POW pilot turned (alleged) coup-plotter/terrorist keeps getting weirder

Relations between Kyiv and Budapest are getting worse over Magyar minority rights. Cui bono here (oh, right).

Turkish CI opens investigation of Dutch MI spy who Ankara claims was trying to forge “fake documents to prove Turkey’s relation to ISIS.” Is that so?

BLUF: MOSSAD directors really, really don’t like Bibi or his policies. Major PR blow to Likud here.

While we’re on this, MOSSAD isn’t very happy with IDF’s military intelligence (AMAN) either – this is getting ugly

IRGC (Pasdaran)-made IEDs disguised as rocks (no, really) are an increasing problem across the Middle East

Some interesting developments in Beijing’s effort to make the PLA the world’s top cyber army…seems important

Like RT, but YUGER: merger announced of China Central Television (CCTV), China Radio International and China National Radio under a single network to be named Voice of China

Indian Army claims Chinese hackers are exploiting WhatsApp groups to mine personal data from Indians

Contrary to statements by the idiot Kiwi PM, there actually are Russian spy ops in (and aimed at) NZ #duh

Albanian intelligence admits that Moscow’s using its spies to try to clandestinely influence their country too

Finnish intelligence (Supo) warns: “Cyber espionage poses a serious threat to Finnish information capital”

London has shared “unprecedented levels of intelligence with partners” since the Skripal nerve-gas attack – AKA how to get allies on board against Putin

Austria’s recent law banning full-face veils “has mainly resulted in the issuing of warnings against people wearing smog masks, skiing gear and animal costumes”

Interesting analysis of figures in Germany’s right-wing AfD who are connected to Putin and the Kremlin (auf deutsch)

Director of CSEC (Canada’s NSA) wants new cyber-authorities proposed by Ottawa to protect the country from cyber-attacks

Some details on how US DoS’s Global Engagement Center used SCL Defence, Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, for counterpropaganda work

FWIW: Soviet scientist claims that novichok nerve agent was used before Skripal, including in a 1995 hit on a Russian businessman

Feminist scholar and “poststructuralist icon” turns out to have been a Commie spy during the Cold War — #shocker