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SikorskiGate, Part I

A huge story has broken in Poland with the leak of an alleged taped conversation between Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski and a fellow politician. Sikorski, who is married to the American journalist Anne Applebaum, is a staunch supporter of NATO and good relations with the United States; his name has been bandied about as a future NATO Secretary General. This conversation is therefore nothing short of explosive.

Here is the part of the quite earthy taped conversation, which has been read on Polish TV, that is of interest to foreigners (there is lots of edgy inside-baseball commentary on Polish politics as well). Sikorski is said to be talking with Jacek Rostkowski, the former finance minister:

Sikorski: You know that the Polish-American alliance is worth nothing. It is therefore harmful, because it gives Poland a false sense of security.

Rostowski: Why?

Sikorski: Complete bullshit. We will get into conflicts with the Germans, with Russia, and we will think that everything is great because we have given the Americans a blowjob. Losers, complete losers.

Later in the conversation, Sikorski bemoans Polish attitudes, stating, “We have very shallow pride and low self-regard. A kind of negro-ness*.” (*The word used is murzyńskość, which is very derogatory.)

Sikorski has denied the allegations, while Wprost, the newsmagazine that broke the story, claims it will provide the actual taped conversation in a day or two, which may resolve this explosive matter.

Watch this space ….



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