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John R. Schindler is professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, where he’s been since 2005, and where he teaches courses on security, strategy, intelligence, terrorism, and occasionally military history. Before joining the NWC faculty, he spent nearly a decade with the National Security Agency as an intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer. There’s not much he can say about that, except that he worked problems in Eastern Europe and the Middle East with a counterespionage flavor, and he collaborated closely with other government agencies who would probably prefer he didn’t mention them. He’s also served as an officer specializing in cryptology (now called information warfare for no particular reason) in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

He is a senior fellow of the International History Institute at Boston University and is chairman of the Partnership for Peace Consortium‘s Combating Terrorism Working Group, a unique body which brings together scholars and practitioners from more than two dozen countries across Eurasia to tackle problems of terrorism, extremism, and political violence. He has lectured on terrorism and security in over twenty countries.

He is a historian by background, with a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Massachusetts and a Ph.D. from McMaster University. His books deal with topics like the Italian front in World War I, Islamist extremism in the Balkans, and an insider’s look at how Al-Qa’ida thinks and operates. He’s currently writing a couple books on cool stuff.

John speaks several languages, lives on the water in lovely Newport, RI, and enjoys good food and wine, traveling to the Alps, and spy stories.

He can be contacted at titovka at yahoo dot com.

If you are wondering why this blog is called The XX Committee, read here.

P.S. All writings here represent the author’s views alone, and certainly not those of the Naval War College or the U.S. Department of Defense.

  1. David Charney permalink

    I’m impressed with our take on all this.
    Any chance of direct communication?


  2. Truly appreciate your candor here and Twitter. For newbie to learning, you’ve been gracious at explaining things in non-technical terms. Thanks – much appreciated.

  3. William permalink

    XXcomm/JRS: thank you for sharing your keen insights in the I/counter worlds with us. You have a special gift. Keep your lamp lit, hold it high. In gratitude, William

  4. Joe DiCastro permalink


    I’ve been following you on Twitter since #Snowden has become a hash tag and I’ve really appreciated your insights. We have shared a few tweets back and forth. One of the things that has been clear from your tweets is your frustration with a lot of folks holding forth on intelligence issues who are doing it from a position of ignorance on how things actually work instead of how people just think they work. I’d really like to educate myself more on some of these issues. Can you recommend some decent books that one can read to at least have some small sense of how things work? I know you’re not a fan of Bamford, whose stuff is what most of not involved in anything would have heard of, so after I finish his books I’d like to continue learning more about this. Any quick recommendations?

    I know you’re super busy, so if you don’t have the time/inclination to respond to this then no worries at all. Thanks again

    • Hi, thanks for your interest. Off the bat, re NSA I’d recommend – not without reservations – Matthew Aid’s 2009 book on NSA. Vastly better than Bamford. NSA website, esp for its history center (CCH) has everything that’s been written, declassified and released on US SIGINT & INFOSEC. Great stuff. Start there. Hit me back for 102 level recommendations after that. Good luck!

      • Joe DiCastro permalink

        Thanks so much! I will def. check out your recs.

  5. sharon hodges permalink

    My ex husband is Steven W. Grimaud. He is also former NAVSECGRU and a senior executive officer at NSA. I divorced him in 1977 when he asked me to lie for him so he could get a clearance. When I refused to lie, he dumped his 5 year old daughter and never came back – then he married another worman a year later, and adopted her kids, and she lied. Thirty five years later, I’m explaining this to the DoD and the NSA – because somebody destroyed all my public records so investigators would never find me. I respect the fact that you are a professor at the Naval College, and served honorably, but my ex husband did not serve honorably, but was involved in espionage that got him an early discharge and a slap on the hand – and a job offer at the NSA. And the NSA knows everything and does nothing. I have absolutely no respect for the NSA brass. My ex was a part of the John Walker spy ring, and NSA knows it. They left me holding the bag, and it destroyed my daughter’s life.

    • If you have evidence your ex-husband was part of the Walker ring I suggest you call the FBI at once.

  6. This is about Smolensk crash. After 3 years of Russian held ‘investigation’ there are serious doubts about methodology and honesty of handling the case regarding both Russian and Polish side. Polish mainstream and government media use agressive propaganda to drift public opinion into not caring and even agressive attitudes. People who question official narrative and reports – such as former Polish CI (SKW) head A. Macierewicz – are being ridiculed and stigmatised in very visible fashion for a trained eye. What do You think about that case?

    • This case continues to mystify & dismay me.

      • There is so much about this case that probably is active intelligence that I don’t really expect You to answer and of course I would very much appreciate if You did. ;)

        Taking into consideration series of dots from different scope:
        - mysterious deaths after Smolensk: including gen. Petelicki, former GROM special force commander, G. Michniewicz, general director of PM’s Office – both had NATO clearances at some time – R. Muś, witness in the case and even A. Lepper, known for his connections with Moscow;
        - many procedural outrageous ‘errors’ e.g. there were no Polish
        autopsies, legal assumption it was a civil flight, letting Russian take over personal belongings of people on-board;
        - indications of Polish measuring instruments that there’s been TNT on the aircraft, denial by the Polish officials after 6 months with explanation that the instruments were badly maintained (just like in Razań bombings attempt case in RF);
        - official Polish CI (SKW) cooperation with FSB;
        - Polish Electoral Comission’s trips to Moscow;
        - German-Russian arm and military infrastructure contracts;
        - a major shift in Polish international policy with current ‘lay-low-and-drift’ doctrine – instead of region leadership that is the only realistic way to survive for both Poland and the region against Berlin-Moscow axis;
        - constant media operations aiming at lowering Polish morale;
        I do believe that Poland has been invaded on the intelligence level with strategic inside cooperation, so I stand aghast when I hear about US ‘reset’ with Moscow.

        There is a thing though that is official and probably unclassified and You may have a way of knowing it for sure: is it true that Poland refused NATO help after 10.04.2010?

        By the way, materials on Snowden Operation are great – lacked American voice that notice FIS activity on this one – when he was still in China I wasn’t sure what it is but as soon as he landed at Sheremetyevo, FSB/GRU fingerprints emerged just as when Julian Assange appeared on Russia Today. Russian proteges talking about ‘human rights’ are grotesque but unfortunately there are a lot of people that don’t know that, hope that US CI will help them understand their perception error – well, showing them real Russia (Litvinienko case, very large goods disproportion, ways of ‘solving’ ethnic conflicts and imperialistic paranoia) might be just enough. :)

        With kind regards!

      • Thank you for this – aghast is the right word. :)

  7. Davis permalink

    Mr. Schindler, I am a student with a huge interest in your work. I was wondering if you could perhaps give some advice to a student looking to potentially pursue a career in foreign policy. I will be attending Vanderbilt University this coming fall and would love to communicate with someone as knowledgable as you.

    • First – good luck! Off the bat, learn languages and see the world out there …it’s the source of real knowledge.

  8. Derek Geoffrey Birch permalink

    XX Committee website is absolutely amazing. Brilliantly insightful and enormously informative. I look forward to reading your tweets, and any associated links, whenever I am able to. ( In fact I read your tweets more than any other I follow on twitter ). Best wishes and regards.

  9. Talia Roca permalink

    Amazing insight and analysis. I’ve shared your previous pieces and insights with as many as possible both in the media and among friends in attempt to educate and inform and more importantly fuel a sense of urgency for folks to wake up and understand the enormity of the problem that is called Putin. I fear it is almost too late for eastern Ukraine, as he is moving in in plain site and the west fails to or refuses to address it.

  10. Greetings/Pryvit There’s good work here.
    I learned a lot about Russian/Soviet/Bolshevik, German Army, Polish Army AK, tactics from my father who pledged a soldier’s oath to the UPA and not to any political party that attaches to this Ukrainian Insurgent Army. In 1946, the UPA was working in tandem with the AK fighting Soviet communism, but by 1947 UPA was so infiltrated by Kremlin provocateurs, it was ordered to disband in the fall of 1947. More can be learned from the primary source material published by UPA veterans through Litopys UPA (Chronicles of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army). It’s all there. Will be on a Google+ community Epiphany Conversation: Women of Maidan Act II Monday, April 14 at 6:30 p.m. EST.

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